February 24, 2022

How leading mobile teams test their apps’ performance

Over the years, we've seen many crazy expensive approaches to measuring performance, such as running load tests on the backend while executing the app, automating test cases with different network connections and measuring performance from… Continue Reading

December 28, 2021

Case Study – Infinity Games

THE CLIENT Infinity Games builds stress-reducing gaming experiences by merging minimalist artwork with immersive music. With over 130 million downloads and more than 20 published games, Infinity Games develops gaming apps to make players feel… Continue Reading

November 4, 2021

Setting Mobile Performance Thresholds for Most Important KPIs

What should our app memory footprint be? How fast is our app rendering in the latest release candidate? How quickly will our app drain the user's battery in the next release? When testing app performance,… Continue Reading

October 7, 2021

8 Causes of Bad App Reviews That Can be Prevented

After working hard to create and launch your app, the last thing you want is negative reviews. Research by Apptentive shows that 50% of mobile users won’t consider an app with a 3-star rating. That… Continue Reading

September 23, 2021

Three Common Pitfalls in Mobile Game Performance

App performance is now every mobile team’s concern. This is no exception in the gaming industry. Game studios should get behind validating performance early and testing often. If all stakeholders support the vision of having… Continue Reading

computer vs cell phone vs device
September 10, 2021

Real Devices vs Emulators: Where Do You Test App Performance?

When testing the performance of a native Android or iOS app, choosing the right set of devices is critical to maximizing your chances of success. Differences in OS, screen size, screen density, and hardware can… Continue Reading

August 27, 2021

Mobile Performance Validations in CI/CD

Every team would like to uncover performance issues before going live by automating app profiles in Android and iOS, but it’s not always straightforward to implement.  Most teams who use Apptim for local app profiling… Continue Reading

August 12, 2021

Mobile Performance Metrics You Should Know – Part 2

The first post of this series focused on device performance and the most important metrics to pay attention to. In this second part, we’ll cover app performance and the main metrics that affect user experience. … Continue Reading

Business hand with mobile phone
July 29, 2021

Mobile Performance Metrics You Should Know – Part 1

Consumers and enterprises alike expect more from software. Speed, UX, availability, and frequency of updates are increasingly important with mobile apps. The responsibility of developers keeps growing, and as mobile apps get more complex, new… Continue Reading

mobile commerce testing
June 28, 2021

Mobile Commerce Testing: How Global Leaders Optimize User Experience

We asked leaders from DoorDash, Fave, and Mercado Libre to share some of the challenges they've faced in the performance testing of their mobile commerce apps. See what they said they've done to overcome those… Continue Reading