Case Study – Infinity Games

Case Study – Infinity Games

December 28, 2021


Infinity Games builds stress-reducing gaming experiences by merging minimalist artwork with immersive music. With over 130 million downloads and more than 20 published games, Infinity Games develops gaming apps to make players feel relaxed instead of anxious. Most Infinity Games apps are free and all are available to download on iOS and Android. 

apptim desktop app
Apptim Desktop app

Infinity Games’ main objective is to build relaxing and calming gaming experiences. Standard market KPIs like player retention and session engagement typically measure each game’s success. Nonetheless, Infinity Games considers a game successful when it’s highly rated by players. 

To accomplish high ratings, the games must be smooth and frictionless with few to no interruptions, low crash rates and ANRs, and zero performance issues (even in low-end devices). A relaxing game that’s interrupted by a system crash can make anyone anxious. 


Infinity Games struggled to organize its QA process. Every person on the team was responsible for QA. It was a challenge to teach everyone how to properly report bugs and use the appropriate tools to generate log files. 

Infinity Games needed a tool that would simplify the entire QA pipeline in a frictionless and organized manner. The objective included aggregating all the data to allow Infinity Games to fix specific crashes or ANRs as well as find abnormal performance behaviors. 

A frictionless solution was ideal. But most offerings in the market had friction: long onboarding tutorials, bad UI, or expensive pricing. 

“Apptim seemed like a solution made just for us” Muhammad Satar, CEO of Infinity Games. 


In addition to Apptim’s profiling and bug reporting, Infinity Games frequently uses Apptim’s error and ANR reports to tell game developers what’s faulty in their game. Apptim’s error and ANR reports catch issues that don’t always show during gameplay but can greatly affect the app.

Infinity Games’ QA Engineer uses Apptim on a day-to-day basis. After every release, he runs Apptim reports to check the quality of the update and measure the RAM, CPU, and storage usage to make sure they’re within their desired thresholds. 

Apptim is used in every major update to run QA tests before public launch. Apptim reports warn developers about ANRs, crashes, or other issues so they can take action before the launch. 


Before Infinity Games switched to using Apptim, the QA process was ineffective. 

First, the Infinity Games team enlisted users to test a game and provided them with a set of actions that the users should be able to perform. Then the users provided Infinity Games’ developers with a brief description of their experience plus a list of things that should be improved. Infinity Games did not generate any log files or error reports using this practice. The developers had no sense of RAM, storage, or CPU usage. 

Apptim filled the gap and made Infinity Games’ QA process more complete and effective. The developers improved their time to solve a bug by 60%.

How has Apptim helped Infinity Games?

  • Standardization of reports: All bugs, crashes, ANRs, and even UI issues are reported equally making it much easier for a developer to fix an issue. 
  • Timesaver: Infinity Games saves time because it only requires a few clicks to get a new test running. 
  • Performance report comparison: Infinity Games can analyze reports side-by-side to find any patterns between specific games or OS versions.
  • Shareable reports: Any test run on Apptim can be shared with anyone. For example, a report can be shared with outsourced teams by copy and pasting a private link.  
  • Lower crash rates: According to the founder of Infinity Games, one year ago the total crash rate numbers were very high. These days, it’s rare to find a game with a crash rate above a predetermined threshold. It can only be due to Apptim, according to the founder. 

According to Google Play, Infinity Game’s crash rate and ANR rate is within the top 25% best-performing ones, compared to peer games.

Infinity Games has increased the variety of devices and behaviors used in testing. Multiple people across the company can contribute by running simple tests and generating quick reports. More unusual cases where bugs and errors occur have been caught improving the final product greatly. Now Infinity Games excels in quality and performance compared to other game studios.

“When testing a game, we like to cover the largest number of devices, including the devices from all team members. Explaining to them how to install Xcode, Android Studio or what is a LogCat is now a thing of the past. Apptim makes it straightforward for anyone to test live or development builds and get comprehensive analysis and feedback from that procedure”

Muhammad Satar, CEO of Infinity Games. 

Big thank you Muhammad and the entire team at Infinity Games for your unconditional support. This case study would not have been possible without your help. It’s an honor to have you as one of our earliest gaming customers.


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